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  • Dr. Karolien

  • Dr. Sam

  • Dr. Dirk

  • Dr. Roya

  • Dr. Machteld


Only by appointment

Appointment Dr Vantomme

Appointment Dr Aerts

Appointment Dr Devroey

Appointment Dr Zolfaghari

Appointment Dr Vandermeersschen

Please call us as soon as possible (and at least one hour before the appointment) if you can not keep the appointment. Otherwise we reserve the right to charge for this appointment.

Urgent appointments are reserved for patients who are subcribed in our practice. They can call in case om an emergency 02/657.99.02. for an urgent appointment.

Global Medical Record

Thanks to a Global Medical Record (GMR), you can enjoy a higher reimbursement for your consultation with the doctor. The only condition is that you ask your doctor to keep your Global Medical Record.
Costs of a Global Medical Record are fully reimbursed by your health insurance.

Access plan

- Brusselsesteenweg 535
- 3090 Overijse
- Tel: 02/657.99.02
- E-mail: info@dokterspraktijk535.be

Email is not the preferential means of contact. Appointments are booked online and not by email. No medical advice is given by email.

By car
The practice is located on the main road (N4) between Wavre and Brussels.
For patients who come from Brussels the practice is located on the right hand side of the road about 600 meters past the church of Jesus-Eik.
For patients who come from the direction of Overijse the practice is located on the left hand side of the road approximately 1 km beyond the Delhaize Jesus-Eik.
The practice is located in front of the restaurant Wok Dynasty.
There is ample parking in front of the practice and there is are carpool parking nearby the Basic Fit.

By bus
There is a bus stop nearby in the Graaf de Meeusstreet.


Our team

Dr Karolien Vantomme

Dr Sam Aerts
  • Certified general practitioner
  • Graduated from the VUB in 2009
  • Training supervisor for medical students of the VUB and the ICHO
  • sam@dokterspraktijk535.be

Dr Dirk Devroey
  • Certified general practitioner
  • Graduated from the VUB in 1991
  • Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Chairman of the First Line Zone Druivenstreek
  • dirk@dokterspraktijk535.be

Dr Roya Zolfaghari

Dr Machteld Vandermeersschen

Sara Versaevel

House calls

House calls must be requested before 10 o’clock in the morning on 02/657.99.02.

House calls requested after 10AM are only performed during the late afternoon.

House calls are only carried out in case the patient can not come to our surgery.

Home visits are only made ​​for patients with a Global Medical Record in our practice.

Urgent house calls are only carried out in case of life threatening conditions.

Emergency visits are made by the doctor who is available and not always by the doctor of your choice.

Doctor on duty

In weekends
The doctor on duty is available on 1733.

In the evening
The doctor on duty is available for emmergencies after 18PM on 1733.

In the daytime
Your GP is available during working hours. You can call for an appointment on 02/657.99.02.

During holiday periods
There is always a doctor available in the practice. You should make an appointment.

Activities from A to Z

  • baby vaccinations and follow-up
  • blood tests
  • hypertension control
  • breast examinations
  • burnout
  • cholesterol treatment
  • cryotherapy
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • electrocardiograms
  • family problems
  • gynaecological examinations
  • cardiovascular examinations
  • stitches
  • headache
  • skin problems
  • infiltrations
  • injections
  • cancer prevention
  • small surgical interventions
  • end-of-life care
  • ear props
  • preventive examinations
  • travel advices and vaccinations
  • psychological problems
  • taping
  • PAP smears
  • vaccinations for adults
  • vaccinations for children
  • bandages
  • wart treatment
  • cancer prevention
  • pregnancies

Blood tests

You need to be fasting for most of the blood tests.

You can make an appointment for a blood test during the morning.

Take your eID-card and a label of your health insurrance with you.


We apply the third payers rule to anyone eligible for this.

You can not pay by bank transfer with can pay with:

  • Cash money
  • Bancontact
  • Payconiq
  • Bancontact app

Dokterspraktijk 535

Our team

  • Dr. Vantomme

  • Dr. Aerts

  • Dr. Devroey

  • Dr. Zolfaghari

  • Dr. Vandermeersschen

  • Sara Versaevel